Advent 1: The Choice Treasury


“My dear people, once again let us consider the noble Advent of our Lord, and how he himself made intercession for us while in the world. Him the patriarchs imitated, the prophets foretold, and the psalmists sang, declaring how he would come from glorious throne of his heavenly kingdom to possess for himself the kingdoms of men.

All this was fulfilled when the heavens opened and God’s supreme power descended upon earth, and the Holy Spirit dwelt within the noble womb, the choice treasury of the Holy Mother for a full nine months. The the Queen of all virgins gave birth to the true Creator and comforter of all people, the Saviour of the world and helper of souls. The ‘Golden-blossum’ came into this world, and received a human body from the holy Virgin Mary.

Through this birth we were saved and redeemed, and through this union of God and man we were freed from the grasp of the devil. Through the Advent of Christ we were honoured, enriched and endowed, for Christ lives and reigns with all holy souls forever.

Blickling Homilies


From: Douglas Dales (2001) Christ the Golden-Blossom: A Treasury of Anglo-Saxon Prayer. Paulist Press, p. 16.



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