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A little fun for the weekend that too many of us are coming to the end of semester crunch… this is a challenge that goes out to all readers and bloggers (but specifically Derek the Anglican, Jonathan Jarret, and Saesferd) to explain your avatar. First, who, what or where is it and then why did you pick it. Reply on your blogs and pass the challenge on. I’ll get it started with my own avatar.

The purple thistle is one of my favorite wild flowers. I like its color and fluffiness, and appreciate that it is one tough, sturdy, prickly plant that most people consider a weed. The cotton thistle is the national flower of Scotland and according to wikipedia, it was allowed to grow around fortresses as a defensive measure. Did I mention it is prickly? Growing in thick, sharp-spiked clusters or hedges it can be quite a barrier, albeit one with pretty purple flowers. 🙂

As Heavenfield has been along the border of England and Scotland for as long as there has been a border, I can easily imagine it growing there and elsewhere along Hadrian’s Wall.


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