Preview for 2008

Happy New Year! Here is hoping that we all have a great 2008!

A little preview of what you can expect on Heavenfield.

The three regular features will continue:

* Person of the Week (PW)
* Lost Kingdom of the Month (LKM)
* Folklore Fridays (FF)- just began last week

I’ll be blogging my way through the Voyage of St Brendan for one church year. Given the compressed liturgical year in 2008 that means I could be through the main stops before summer. Never fear Brendan fans, all those new ‘translations’ I picked up for Christmas should have plenty of Brendan related topics for a while.

The Distilled Prayer project will also continue, and so will posts on feast days. By mid-May I will have gotten through the whole calendar once and I will probably get more selective in which feast days to post on.

In addition to all this there will be book and movie reviews, comments on other blogs, maybe a few memes or challenges and the usual bloggy miscellanea. I’m sure the Anglican Communion will manage to inspire a post or two as well… sigh.

I hope to keep the mix of Anglo-Saxon and Celtic fairly even, so no one will know what to call my site. 😉 Most links to Heavenfield on medievalist meta-sites call it an Anglo-Saxon site, while a few Anglicans I know refer to it as ‘my Celtic site’. So I hope to keep y’all confused on that… I try to avoid such artificial distinctions. 🙂

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