History Meme Round Up

Since most of the branches of the history meme didn’t link to the original post (and its been over 10 days), here is a summary of the new branches:

I was tagged by Jonathan Jarret who did Count Borrell II.

  • He also tagged Antiquarian’s Attic who did a very nice meme on Gruffydd ap Cynan.

I did St Oswald of Northumbria on December 30.

I tagged:

Readers did:

I’ll update this post if any others I tagged put up their meme. Looks like there is a nice spread of historical figures here and by my count, two mutations. One mutation is the choice of a fictional character (Prester John) and the second is the list of seven things novelist Nicola Griffith would like to know about St Hild. I have to say I expected a few literary mutations…. I think that someday we could use another round of tagging to get beyond a few of the usual suspects. 😉


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  2. I should add that, despite the glory you give me, I wasn’t the original post, because I wrote in response to being tagged by Magistra in this post

  3. I assume the vast majority of memes start off somewhere in the hinterland of the internet…. I just posted on my little fork in the tree. I’m sure that some of my branches here have spawned branches of their own.

  4. Gabriele says:

    Here are some more, tagged either by me or by my ‘victims’. 🙂

    Celedë Anthaas (tagged by me)
    Julius Civilis

    Linwe (tagged by Celedë)

    Scott Oden (tagged by Wynn)
    Kurdish general Shirkuh

    Susan Higginbotham (tagged by me)
    Elizabeth Woodwille

    Carla Nayland (tagged by me – you should check out her blog, she has a lot of Old English stuff 🙂 )
    Raedwald of the East Angles

    Alianore (tagged by Carla)
    hQueen Isabella
    King Edward II

  5. Gabriele says:

    Wynn also tagged Meghan who did Pausanias

  6. Just a note to say that I linked this post and a couple of others in the latest carnivalesque. Apparently LJ doesn’t co-operate with trackbacks, so i’m going around notifying everyone.

  7. Jennifer Lynn Jordan’s branch has finally borne fruit… My post is up here. ❤ the Archbishop Wulfstan of York.

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