History Meme Round Up

Since most of the branches of the history meme didn’t link to the original post (and its been over 10 days), here is a summary of the new branches:

I was tagged by Jonathan Jarret who did Count Borrell II.

  • He also tagged Antiquarian’s Attic who did a very nice meme on Gruffydd ap Cynan.

I did St Oswald of Northumbria on December 30.

I tagged:

Readers did:

I’ll update this post if any others I tagged put up their meme. Looks like there is a nice spread of historical figures here and by my count, two mutations. One mutation is the choice of a fictional character (Prester John) and the second is the list of seven things novelist Nicola Griffith would like to know about St Hild. I have to say I expected a few literary mutations…. I think that someday we could use another round of tagging to get beyond a few of the usual suspects. 😉

8 thoughts on “History Meme Round Up

  1. I assume the vast majority of memes start off somewhere in the hinterland of the internet…. I just posted on my little fork in the tree. I’m sure that some of my branches here have spawned branches of their own.

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