You know Easter is coming early when…

…the Roman Catholic church moves St Patrick’s day up by two days so that it will not fall in Holy Week! St. Patrick’s day will be celebrated in 2008 on the Saturday before Palm Sunday (March 15th). It would have fallen on Monday of Holy Week. I suppose having the green beer flow on a Saturday night could sooth the souls of those who cherish the March 17th festivities. This means St Pat’s day parades will be only one day before Palm Sunday processions…


Durham Cathedral is planning on having the celebrations of for the Feast of St Cuthbert on Saturday March 15th, five days early because it would have fallen on Maundy Thursday. At the Saturday celebrations at Durham Cathedral there will be a noon time St Cuthbertstide Service and an evening Festal Evensong and Procession. Hmm… celebrations for Patrick and Cuthbert will be going on head-to-head this year across the Isles.

If you are afraid that this will through all things Celtic (or Anglo-Celtic) out of whack for you for the year — cheer up! — this year Ash Wednesday is so early that the feast of St. Bridget (Feb 1) falls on Friday of Marti Gras weekend. Sounds to me like a good reason for the ‘wearin o’ the green’ throughout Lent this year!

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