A Purposeful Meme

Derek the Ænglican is back at his blog and posted a new meme. As I have been hunting around this week for something to post on without much luck, I’m going to pick up on this…

So here is the meme:

  1. Give three reasons why you blog
  2. Repeat the meme rules
  3. Tag three bloggers to continue

Why I blog….

  • First, this blog has become a mental filing cabinet. Someplace to work out questions or store thoughts and musings (this is why I file posts in categories so much – apart from creating a neat tag cloud). Its also a place to work out projects and get some feedback. I do want feedback, so please comment on any post.
  • I’m beginning to feel a call to stress the continuity between the modern Anglican church(s) and the medieval church. People get so focused on learning about the early church that they want to skip over the medieval church completely. This is full of so many problems I don’t want to go off on that tangent here. Anglicans are supposed to balance a tripod of scripture + tradition + reason. Tradition is securely there in the middle holding everything together and the Middle Ages are vital to the development of tradition. In a climate where cradle Episcopalians are a small minority reminders of where Anglican traditions come from needs to be continual.
  • I joined my first medieval list-serv in the early 1990s and have been part of the online medieval community continually since then. The list-servs have waxed and wained over the years and still have there place, but they are increasingly becoming more like announcement lists where the most active discussion is 3-4 posts answering a query. Despite the current flurry of activity on ANSAX, this seems to be a steady trend on virtually all medieval lists. So what is the next big thing? Well, Heavenfield is an experiment to see if the blogosphere is where the online medieval community will be for the next generation. I think the medieval blogosphere is only in its infancy, so who knows how it will all develop. I think that its interesting that the blogosphere and list-servs don’t overlap too much the moment with a few exceptions.

So who to tag…. I think I will tag Jonathan Jarrett, Jennifer Lynn Jordan and I’ll try Dr Nokes again… and anyone else who wants to join in, please do. Leave a comment here so we know to look up your contribution.


4 thoughts on “A Purposeful Meme

  1. Oh, this is all getting very meta 🙂

    I liked your second reason. One of the things I love about researching for Hild is finding so very many resonances, linguistically and ecclesiastically, with my own life (I was raised Catholic). It’s all connected. It blows me away sometimes. I think the world would be a better place if more people felt that connection in their own lives. I think we’d be a little wiser, a little more patient.

    Harrumph. Anyway, I also found your third reason interesting. When I began my Hild research I turned to listservs. I found them, well, less than useful. I gave up for a while and relied on libraries–with the splendid excpetion of The Heroic Age. But then when I found Heavenfield, and all the other blogs, late last year (thanks to your post on the Heroic Age mailing list) I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

    I won’t play this meme because my blog is all about why, so it would be a bit redundant. But I’ll look forward to reading others’ responses.

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