It seems as though I’m going through a whole series of transitions at the moment and this blog is no exception. Inspired by Derek the Ænglican I’ve started a second blog to include all of my late medieval to modern church history, spirituality, and liturgical posts. My new blog is called Selah and it will house, among other things, the distilled prayer project. Although I’ll now be splitting my time between two blogs, in the long run this change will make Heavenfield even more medieval centered. It will also let me do more modernish things on Selah.

If you are wondering what in the world Selah means its an untranslatable Hebrew word found mostly, if not exclusively, in the psalms. It seems to be an instruction to pause, perhaps pause the music, or just to stop, think and ponder, to punctuate the previous stanza. This is a guess of course because no one really knows how to translate it. Sounds like a good title to begin a blog on the psalms.

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  1. I am enjoying my visit to your blog. You have a nice light touch and I came here via the Angel of Lichfield which I plan to use as a model for a carving of Christ Harrowing Hell for St. Matthew’s, Perry Beeches in Brum’. I love the psalms greatly and selah is a word that could be very useful to us all. Selah and Thank You for all your hard work. v inspiring.

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