Feeling left out…

I’ve been reading some of the great posts by my fellow bloggers on the creative google searches that find their blog. Sigh…. I’m feeling left out. People who come looking for Heavenfield, well, they seem to get what they came for. Come on people… give me something to cringe at. I could use a little comic relief.

Search hits from the last two days:

Today: double monastery of whitby, king penda, columba of iona, voyage of st brendan the abbot, king clovis i genevieve, bede martyrology, the life of st aethelthryth, passover in ireland, st columba of iona day, consecration cross lindisfarne.

Yesterday: st patrick’s day, ely cathedral transcept, medieval kings, marti gras, anglo-saxon royal women, latin models, pictish symbol stones southern scotland, st ailbe, scott degregorio, brigantia map craven yorkshire.

This is really a very typical couple of search days. Some search terms like Columba, Aethelthryth/Audrey, now Genevieve, whitby, and ‘medieval kings’ tend to turn up almost daily.

While I’m happy that people continue to find posts on many medieval topics in Heavenfield’s archives, there is just nothing to make fun of here. I must be doing something wrong! The only time I’ve gotten close to humorous searches were all the variations of “green beer” that I got around St Pat’s day.


8 thoughts on “Feeling left out…

  1. Well, in my case, I don’t know whether to be amused, amazed, or appalled at the search terms like “jewellery cars,” “creepy questions to ask,” “‘good luck with that’ meme,” and, my favourite, “naked nicola.” I don’t understand why those searchers end up at my blogs. My tags are perfectly repectable things like ‘Hild’ and ‘Whitby’ and the titles of my novels. Life is interesting.

  2. Well, its good to know that I do turn up in odd ways… I had a hint of that just from my own searches on completely unrelated things turning up my posts. No idea what the cherry debate is but doesn’t sound medieval.

    Btw, I will get back to posting on a more regular basis soon. Life is interfering at the moment…

  3. I think I’d rather have a few serious ones in there. I don’t know what it says about my blog that most people come looking for medieval porn or plague photos. 😉

  4. I wrote too soon… as I was posting this one I got a search on “eleinsis reason to season”… what in the world is that? Maybe someone wants a recipe to cook eel.

  5. Somehow I have a feeling if I said yes, you would find that a challenge… 😉

    It might depend on what they were and how common they actually became.

  6. if I said yes, you would find that a challenge

    who me?

    you understand procrastination too well…

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