Happy Birthday Heavenfield!

Well, May 5th is Heavenfield’s first birthday. It has been a great year with 17,206 actual visitors to the site and quite a few more I know reading along with syndicated readers.

I think I’ll celebrate the anniversary with a run down of the top 5 posts of the last year with their hit count. I should point out that WordPress does not count visits by the site owner.

Out of 154 blog posts, these are the top 5:

  1. Martyrdom: Red, White, and Blue (275)
  2. Which Mary? (254)
  3. You know Easter is coming early when… (206)
  4. Lindisfarne and St. John the Beloved (199)
  5. St Aethelthryth of Ely: An Enduring Saint (197)

None of these got more than 50 posts within their first 2-3 days so these are posts that have turned up almost daily in search engine hits. There are another about 5-7 that also turn up nearly daily in search hits. Its been fun the last couple months watching them jockey for position to finish. At least only one (#3) was found by off topic search words like ‘green beer’!

Excluding the ‘about me’ page, Early Medieval Kings has been by far the most popular web page with 509 hits. Going along with this, early medieval kings is by far the most common search term to find Heavenfield.

Last but certainly not least a big THANK YOU to my two biggest referrers: Dr Nokes at Unlocked Wordhoard and Jonathan Jarret at A Corner of Tenth Century Europe!

Now that the semester is winding down to a close over the next week I hope to get back to blogging on a more regular basis. Brendan is getting impatient to move on…

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Heavenfield!

  1. Congratulations Michelle, long may you continue. I imagine Prof. Nokes has done you more service than I have, but I get enough back from you to be glad of the links. Onwards and upwards and stuff like that…

  2. You do better than you might think. Its running about 40% of Unlocked Wordhoard but I have to say that readers have really taken over. I suspect most usual medieval viewers are using readers now.

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