Welcome Senchus!

Tim Clarkson has a new blog named Senchus. The word senchus means history or knowledge in Old Irish. The most famous senchus in early Scotland is the Senchus fer n-Alban (History of the Men of Alban), one of the most important early medieval documents in Scotland. It outlines the genealogies, census and origin legend (in genealogical terms) of Dalriada. Looks like the topics up for discussion will revolve around early medieval scotland (Dalriada, Pictland, Bernicia, and the Britons of Strathclyde and Gododdin).

Check out the new blog!


3 comments on “Welcome Senchus!

  1. nicola says:

    Many thanks for that link. Just a quick glance at the Saint Ninnian post has already saved me from a horrible error…

  2. Hans says:

    Thank you- great link. I’ve added it to my favourites along with yours.

  3. Hey, again! Wonderful site- thanks for bringing out some of the history of the Faith in the Isles! Might I trouble you for spot on your blogroll? Not entirely sure, but I hope you will find a common chord there: http://sanctifusioan.wordpress.com

    Thanks greatly!


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