Elect Your King!

Be a 7th century petty king for the day and elect your overlord! Who would you support? Note that write in candidates are allowed.

Not voting is not an option because like all good overlords, they believe your either for me or again’ me. Non-voters are automatically against the winner and will squashed like a bug and then the meager survivors will be taxed back to the Bronze age.   Polls will remain open through Nov. 7…

9 thoughts on “Elect Your King!

  1. Unlike today, politicing is allowed at this poll. By all means, argue for your selection. We’ll see who wins at the end of the week!

    I hate to bring this up but I did set it to allow multiple votes per person. Of course good petty kings hedged their bets. 😉 Please use this feature somewhat responsibly. As no doubt many petty kings found out, hedging too much can be a dangerous game.

  2. Áedán! Come on! His sons ruled half of Pictland, he fought everywhere from Northumbria to Orkney and only lost the once (that we’re admitting), he’s one of the only non-Britons to make it into the Welsh triads. A friend of Columba and Bridei map Bile whom Columba couldn’t convert… Áedán is the coming man for the sixth century! Vote Cenél nGabráin for a more heroic and politically-aggrandised future! His wife Domelch, mysterious possibly-Pictish princess, can be his running mate for the all-important female constituency 🙂

    Bridei is pretty cool too obviously. Someone Áedán can respect is a man we should all respect. And come on, look at the competition. Urien of Rheged? There’s a reason Arthur replaced him in the Triads, people, it’s because Arthur’s supposed to have won something…

  3. Apparently the “other” option is not working correctly (or I’m not figuring it out correctly). If you want to vote “other” go ahead, but then leave a comment with the name to be safe.

  4. Penda gets my vote. As a Mercian by birth I don’t really have any choice, though the Irish half of my blood wants to vote for Aedan mac Gabrain’s contemporary and sometime opponent Aed, son of Ainmire.

  5. Penda, without a doubt. The ultimate medieval character – a pagan conqueror with regicidal tendencies. Bede would have sung his praises if he had been Christian, yet one suspects Penda wouldn’t have been as colourful if that had been the case. To have followed him would have provided plenty of opportunities for fame and fortune, and without the Christian piety!

  6. Oswald, obviously. A warrior king who is also the first native English saint. How many warrior saints do you know of who died with sword in hand? Championed by the common people first and then by everyone – commoner, royal family and church.

    The battle of Denisesburna was possibly the biggest upset victory in 7th century Britain when he smashed Cadwallon, killer of (at least) three English kings, and his great army. He later besieged Edinburgh and won a victory over a uprising of southern English. Fragments from Iona suggest that he became the overlord of his former hosts in Dalriada.

    Oswald was strong enough to insist that his missionaries would come from Iona rather than Canterbury. This also means that he did not rely on trade or prestige from Gaul or Rome to maintain his power. He was an active evangelist, aiding Aidan in his preaching and providing for Aidan’s mission and founding Lindisfarne. Oswald’s ease at working with the Irish suggests that he was capable of dealing intelligently with other cultures and probably had warriors from at least the Irish in his retinue. Joining Oswald would give you opportunities to follow a charismatic warrior king in a multi-ethnic court. The opportunities for political networking would extensive!

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