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Much to my surprise, AOL pulled the rug out form under my feet and abruptly ended their support of member webpages. I shouldn’t be surprised since I haven’t been an actual subscriber for a while now, but still, my AOL email is still active. I wonder for how long? They also apparently ended service for people who were still subscribers as well.

So my old website, ‘Early Medieval Resources for Britain, Ireland, and Brittany’, is gone. They didn’t even warn us to download our pages. I should still have those files somewhere, I hope. The text I put online, Cain Adomnan, was also put into the Medieval Sourcebook, so its still available online (here). The question now is where to go from here if anywhere. I don’t really know if anyone was still using it. Its bibliographies stopped being updated at least 5 years ago and meta pages for links are less necessary now that search engines are better. At the moment I’m inclined to post select bibliographies here when I have time to update them (with links on my permanent web pages in the left margin). There were extensive bibliographies for King Oswald, Bishop Wilfrid, Adomnan of Iona, Hild of Whitby, and Bede; bibliographies for peoples and timelines. Which, if any, of the pages on my old site are worth moving to Heavenfield? Suggestions are welcome.

I don’t know how this crept up on me, but that website was about 12 years old or so. I think it was at least three years older than The Heroic Age. Wow, for a website that is ancient. 🙂 It was my attempt to fool around with this new internet thingy, originally written in about OS7 and it took ages to upload. WordPress is so much easier for the casual webmaster. 😀

5 thoughts on “My Old Website

  1. I can absolutely relate to the loss of webpages/archives. I got sick of migrating from platform to platform and built old-fashioned and lots o’ work but the only way I’ll lose stuff is not paying my bills…

    Speaking selfishly, I’d like to see all the bibliographies here, but of course I’d suggest beginning with Hild 🙂

  2. Thanks all, I’ll try to move some of the bibliographies on to Heavenfield with permanent links in the webpage that makes the most sense in the left margin.

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