Medievalist Stocking Stuffers
Aebba Art Gallery

Here we are less than two weeks before Christmas. Are you frantic for a unique gift for your favorite medievalist? Do you need to give a loved one a challenge on your ‘wish list’? (or just a holiday treat for yourself?)

Aebba Art Gallery has a variety of unique pewter ornaments.

  • Oswald at Heavenfield, 634
  • Aidan praying for Bamburgh burning, 651
  • Bede writing the History, 731
  • Cuthbert on Farne, 676
  • Hilda founding Whitby, 657
  • Paulinus baptizing on the River Glen, 627

They also have a few other items including a replica of St Cuthbert’s pectoral cross.

Prices are reasonable, I think, and I have never seen the UK / US exchange rate better than it is now.

Check them out!


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