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Since its been a little while how about something fun? I know that the BBC’s series Robin Hood takes great liberty with the traditional story. I have to admit, I like it and I did like the ending last season. They killed off Marian (who was getting way too feminist for the era of King Richard) in the Holy Land. If you haven’t watched it before, it is shown in the US on BBC America. Hopefully it will be back on this spring with a new season. So far Friar Tuck hasn’t made an appearance but I’m hopeful for this season. It seems a good time to help Robin manage his grief and Guy needing redemption. Looks like it might be scheduled for April on BBC America and January in the UK.

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  1. Savez vous quand sort la saison 3 de robin hood en France (plus présisément sur canal+)
    Merci si vous le savez

  2. Do you know out when the season 3 at robin hood ?
    Thank you for your answer
    I’m sorry if you do not understand me well (I’m french)

  3. Well, After the trainwreck season finale where Marion, an essential character, had died, I don’t see any reason to continue with this series! the idiots at BBC ruined such an iconic character.

  4. Do you have an approximate date for when season 3 is being shown in Australia? Because I love that show!!!

    1. Sorry, no idea when it will start. There are still no firm dates for when it will start in the US either, as far as I know.

        1. Marian was getting way too feminist for the era of King Richard? You are insane! LOL She was a great female character, and a true loss to the series at large. If you want a historical show with a wimple wearing twit as a girl character, good luck finding one. Girls with swords are hot. And plus series 3 has a new outlaw girl Kate… so you’re out of luck. *rolls eyes at Marian criticism*

          1. What makes you think that 12th century women were wimple wearing twits? Richard I’s mother Eleanor of Aquitaine could hold her own with anyone without picking up a sword.

  5. I cannot believe they killed off Marion! That is not what i had expected! I’m agreeing with Joe, there is no point finishing the series.
    *Mumbles to self*

  6. I realize a story the story of Robin Hood is an English legend. This does not mean however the writers of the show are free to take liberties with its traditional content.
    Just as the legend of Tom Sawyer is an American tale. Each are should never be changed.
    Key characters should not be killed off for sake of expendiance.

    1. I don’t think they did it expedience. I think they did it to shake up the story line as much as possible. Now they certainly don’t have to stick to the story line at all. That in itself is ok, but I would prefer some attempt to stay in the right century.

  7. Robin Hood without Marian is not Robin Hood.
    This is not a historical series, this is fantasy Even if the creators attempted some sort of faithfulness to the story, where in the folklore of Robin Hood is Marian killed? I don’t care what happen to Robin now, less to that idiot Guy. He is a murderer so he can keep his “redemption” to himself. In many tv series, women characters are disposed of like used tissues. I heard they have another strong female lead character for season 3. I don’t care. I want Marian back. I hope Robin dies a slow and cruel death together with his new boyfriend Guy.

    1. How do you know Marian is gone? This was A Marian, possible that there could be another or someone takes her name. No where does it say this has to be the end of her.


    1. Remember this series is written by guys for guys. So, women can be killed so murderers and evil men like Guy be redeemed. That is the stupidest plot I have ever heard of but that is what men apparently like. Evil men are interesting character studies, so goes this theory. Assertive women deserved to be killed for the following reasons: 1) romance always makes sissy guys out of heroes so let’s kill the girlfriend, wife, whatever so they can become real men and avenge them 2) its OK to murder women who are to uppity especially in the Middle Ages (and history proved that). This is all so preposterous I don’t know what else to say.

  9. Do you know where i can download season 3, because I don’t have bbc in Serbia.

  10. Please give me some answers: Do you know where someone might like to download 3rd Robin Hood season and because Serbia has BBC?
    And which has the role of Kate in the 3rd season? Which will be a girl?

  11. I don’t know if Robin Hood is going to be online at all. I suspect season 3 won’t be available at least until it runs in the US. I still haven’t heard any firm dates for here yet.

  12. God, why they didn’t just change the actress and keep the character. The producers and writers of these series ruined everything.

    1. I agree!! i mean, let’s say the actress herself wanted out, they shouldn’t kill off the character!! that’s like making a movie of peter pan without wendy! or romeo without juliet! i’m not saying it should be a total romantic series, but she’s just essential to the storyline..what were they thinking indeed? tsk tsk..

  13. I hope the burned in the seventh circle of hell. Just to keep it light and in the spirit of the Middle Ages 🙂

  14. I watch this show for a laugh–I’ve never particularly liked the anachronisms,as they are random and unnecessary. interestingly, though,someone in the Beeb must have been taking acount of negative comments because-look! iin season 3 the silly modern clothes have gone! They are now wearing proper period outfits (no more poison green sleeveless T-shirt for Jonas!)and the women have less makeup (though the men still seem to have a good supply of hair gel!) The forest scenes look more rough and varied too, and people in the castle were sleeping under furs and it looked rough and dirty (remember in earlier episodes the castle hall looked like a school function hall!)
    The new Tuck is a fine actor,possibly the best of all of them (and has some of the best lines) but still not sure about the pc aspect of introducing so many ethnic characters in this show. It just smacks of rewriting wouldn’t both me in the least if plausible reasons were given for their presence (ie came as traders or were imprisoned during the crusades) but the way its presented shows them as being indigenous, as if England has somehow always been multicultural since the dawn of time.
    This to me is far more false than a ‘feminist’ Marion–there actually were a fair few tough women in the Middle Ages.Although i didn’t like all that pseudo-martial-arts posturing and cartwheeling she did as night watchman–that was just silly looking, esp. as she wasn’t the most light and lithe looking person (although very pretty.)

  15. Marrion had to die because Lucy Griffiths did not want to play in the robin hood series no more. In other words she gave all her fans the finger. I am not going to watch any movie whit here, she ruined the show whit here selfishness. Ooo how I love irony, a clue NO, she is Gisbon.

  16. I must say : now there is no point in watching the series . I did not watch the 3rd season yet but I believe it won’t be worthy.

  17. i think that it was a dream that robin was having because you cant kill off marion she is essential to the legend and history shows she actually lived a long life and died with robin

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