Kzoo 09

Spread it far and wide, the Kzoo program is now online.

I am speaking on the Plague of Justinian….. at 10:30 on Sunday morning long after most of you will have headed to the airport or hit the highway. Looking on the bright side, I guess that should relieve some of the pressure.  Still haven’t had a chance to browse most of it yet, but that will be high on the agenda this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Kzoo 09

  1. I wish I could say that I’ll still be there to hear your paper, but I probably won’t. Too bad. The title sounds really interesting, and I’d love to hear a scientist’s perspective on things medieval. Maybe you can post the paper online after?

  2. I’m thinking about suggesting a session on the Plague of Justinian for 2010. If you don’t fit in anywhere, well make your own niche.

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