Three Heavenfields? Marking Google Earth

I just logged into Google Earth for the first time. I admit I wasn’t tempted until they opened up the new ocean feature. So where would I begin? Well, looking for Heavenfield of course. So much to my surprise, I found three places marked heavenfield and none of them appear to be the location of the chapel! How does Google Earth label its places? To be fair, the real heavenfield could easily be spread over an area as large as these three loney fields are spread out. To find the chapel you must look for St Oswald’s in Lee and it pops right up labeled “St Oswald in Lee, Heavenfield”. I don’t know how old their pictures are, but there it is looking down on its roof. It looks a little bleak in February.You can see it well enough to see the shadows of the trees on the fields.

St Oswald in Lee, Heavenfield via Google Earth, Feb 2009
St Oswald in Lee, Heavenfield via Google Earth, Feb 2009

I’ve got to say this must be a great way to look at battlefields. You get a birds eye view. I was looking at heavenfield and I thought: hmm… what is that dark line snaking through there. So I zoomed in and lo and behold the river Tyne and the Roman ruins on both sides at Chester, looked like a bridge but maybe not, and then the bathhouse and then the ruins of the fort. You can see a birds eye view of all the walls.

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