Eastertide with Brendan & Company


Somehow an entire year has passed since I blogged on Brendan’s voyage through the church year, so here is an attempt to pick up where I left off. This time last year when we had just passed Holy Week with Brendan.

Brendan has just spent the Easter Vigil on the back of a great fish. Embarking from the fish’s back, Brendan and company sail on toward the Isle of the Birds to spend Eastertide.

They land on the Isle of Birds; recall that the birds are angels turned into birds on the island, who sing a chorus of praise to God. After Brendan sets up his tent and celebrates the mass, the steward arrives and brings the provisions for Eastertide. A bird then lands on the boat and proceeds to tell Brendan what lays ahead.

  • Maunday Thursday with the steward on his island
  • Easter Vigil will be celebrated on the back of the great fish/whale
  • Easter feasts to the octave of Pentecost will be spent on the Isle of Birds
  • Christmas with the Community of Ailbe

This pattern will repeat for seven years with various trails and adventures in between. (They are presumably at sea from Pentecost to soon before Christmas.) They will then arrive at the Promised Land of the Saints where they will remain exploring this land for 40 days. With the help of God, they will then return to the land of Brendan’s birth.

After the bird finishes speaking, Brendan praises him and God. The steward tells them that he will return on the feast of Pentecost with provisions for their voyage. In the meantime, he returns to his own island. Brendan and company spend a quiet and restful time on the Isle of Birds. On Pentecost, they prepare their boat to depart and the steward arrives with a boat load of provisions. They embark from the Isle of Birds for the long Pentecost voyage…. and here I will leave you until Pentecost.

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