Phoning in on St Columba

I’ll admit this post is primarily to test out the wordpress ap on the new iPhone. So far it’s slow (my fault not being used to these ‘keys’) and hard to edit.

The real bit of medieval news I heard today is that a Jeremy Irons has signed on to play Columba in a major movie on Columba’s mission to Scotland. Where is the excitement in a movie on a missionary? Well, it seems likely that Columba will battle Nessie and a few Druids as well. After all there can’t be a movie on the early medieval period without a dragon trying to kill the hero. If bad Beowulf and awful Arthurian movies are good for medieval studies then anything on Columba has to be a plus for those of us who want to promote medieval history. This will be a real novelty. A movie on a real medieval person!


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