Let the pilgrimage begin

It’s that time of year again. Medievalists all over the world are starting to get a little anxious about their unfinished paper while starting to gather up stuff for the annual pilgrimage to Kalamazoo. I’m afraid I’m one of those scrambling to get her presentation done. I know what I want to say, so it’s just a matter of putting it in better shape. I’ll be talking about “Saint Æthelthryth and the Virgin Mary through the Ages”  (session 403) on Saturday morning.

Funny, I tend to measure my medieval year from Congress to Congress. Looking back over the last year, it hasn’t been my most productive on this blog or otherwise. Hopefully the new medieval year beginning with this Congress will be better. I plan on blogging about the Congress in the coming days, maybe with pictures this year.

3 thoughts on “Let the pilgrimage begin

  1. Well! I have heard about negative synchronicity, but negative serendipity is a new one for me!
    Michelle, Bede saw portents and spotted Muslims and Vikings on the skyline: you, his acolyte, at the eighteenth hour on the eleventh day of the fifth month in the fist really creative moment of the new mllennium…..are retresting with t

  2. retreating with Aethelthryth to Kalamazoo!
    Sorry that flew too soon; like Bede’s bird through the feasting hall!
    Martin FMS

  3. Only joking of course! But surely we should try and like medieval studies to modern life now and then! All the best – Martin

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