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Have you ever tried Google Translate? It can be found here

Its a handy little service from google that will translate just about any language into English and in the reverse. So it has French, German, Irish, Welsh etc. and most importantly it has Latin. Of course it doesn’t have medieval languages but it can give a rough translation of Latin. Most of the time I just want to see how literal a translation is or what a particular word means. For that it is really handy. Give it a try sometime!


2 thoughts on “Google Translate

  1. Note that one has to use its Latin function with extreme caution. See Mary Beard’s discussion here. I do find GT is useful for getting the gist of a long passage or whole web page in a language I’m less familiar with, so that I can figure out what bit(s) I want to dig into with a dictionary and my own more nuanced translation skills. And of course remember that the Latin dictionary of reference for medievalists is searchable at Perseus.

  2. Well that is a learned and serious contribuion, and I cannot really match that. I wanted to comment that Google Translate does not work for Georgian. People have done a lot with Latin but Georgian as yet does not have a transliterated online dictionary.

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