Woe to Blogger users

Have you been a little frustrated trying to leave comments on a couple of medieval blogs lately? It seems that blogger has a little problem. It won’t let some people — like me — leave comments using any option including anonymous. Blogger appears to have a rather big bug.

I haven’t been able to comment on the Medieval History Geek or the Historian on the Edge blogs for quite a while. Even when I did post in the past, I had to try three or four times before it took. I’ve had this same problem with Unlocked Wordhoard, In the Middle, and The Ruminate for literally years. I guess I won’t take this personally anymore. I used to get my feelings rather hurt wondering why Prof. Nokes never approved my comments. I just thought you all were rather tough at moderation, the insecurity of an amateur. For some blogs I can at least leave comments on their facebook posts.

Since this has been going on for years with blogger, I would suggest trying wordpress. I’ve never known anyone who has switched from blogger to wordpress who has regretted it. Got Medieval recently moved to a self-hosted wordpress account. Self-hosting really isn’t necessary unless you want to sell stuff, I don’t think. WordPress is free. I’ve got over 300 posts on Heavenfield and I’ve used less than 1% of the media space. You get 3 Gigs free. For text posts that is enough space for decades. The widgets are a little different but I think wordpress has more options in widgets and certainly has more themes to pick from. If you don’t believe me just do a google search on blogger vs. wordpress.


13 thoughts on “Woe to Blogger users

  1. This topic always aggitates me. I’ve blogged on both WordPress and Blogger, having moved my newest blog to Blogger. I haven’t heard from anyone having problems posting comments on Blogger. For me the best thing about WordPress is the worst thing about Blogger. Photo editing is a cinch on WordPress, and so is getting consistent spacing between photos and commentary (I’m so compulsive about it that I continually fret that I should switch back to WP). Blogger wants to put photos where it wants them and by golly it’s not going to let the author win the battle. It has been easier for me to publicize on Blogger with more “drop in” visitors.

    I always enjoy reading the range of topics on your blog.



  2. A move to WordPress is definitely an option. I don’t moderate comments other than removing obvious spam. AFAIK, this has only recently become a problem on my blog – in the last month or so. But it IS a problem and none of the solutions from Blogger help have fixed it.

  3. I only moderate the first post basically to keep out spam or advertisements masking as comments. If you change your email or anything else in the sign in I may have to moderate a second post but I don’t think that happens very often. Once I have a approved a comment everyone should be able to post and see it immediately. If not, send me an email and let me know.

  4. I’ve changed some of the settings on my blog. Do lt me know if things are any easier now.
    Guy Halsall

    1. I tried commenting on both Curt and Guy’s blogs with the recommendations with no luck. It wouldn’t let me comment anonymously and setting it to allow pop-ups on these specific urls didn’t help either. I didn’t get a pop-up, should I have?

      I did just occur to me that from my computer, wordpress recognizes me as an account holder and I don’t usually have to do anything to comment as myself on other wordpress blogs. Then again, blogger account holders are having trouble leaving comments on blogspot posts.

      1. Mine isn’t set for popups but one of the comments on blogger help mentioned popup blocker could mess with comments in all forms.

        I can’t understand why someone who’s either following or on blogger would have any trouble.

        Actually I can’t understand why anyone would have any trouble – it’s a simple upload from a text editor. I don’t get it. One thing’s for sure; if I move it’ll be fairly soon and I’ll run two blogs for a month or so. Hopefully if I archive everything to an xml file I can import it into the new blog – then start working through it and changing all the links which will be fun.

  5. This is very weird. I had problems with Blogger comments for many a year, but I use OpenID and sometimes it just doesn’t seem to cope with that, it certainly uses it very strangely. But now that everyone else is having trouble, I can’t remember when I last did…

  6. So sorry you’re having trouble! I wonder if it’s a permissions conflict. As far as I know, most people have no trouble leaving comments anonymously on either of my blogs. (For some reason Gemaecca attracts a lot of spam comments, so I keep that one moderated. But AN is unmoderated, except after the fact.) Anyway, I hate the thought of you not being to comment on my stuff if you’re ever moved to do so. Harrumph.

    1. I’ve had better luck with your blog than most, though I haven’t tried to leave one in a while. It’s been a little quiet over there…. 😉

      How is the novel coming?

  7. I’m nearing the end of the first draft. It’s ridiculously huge–200k words–especially for Part I 🙂 Insane. It’s a struggle to prevent it from turning into an ethnography of the 7th C. I’m just fascinated by trying to fit it all together: how things worked, who manipulated whom, who believed (or pretended to believe) what, etc. Than there’s all the fabulous stuff of life and death and war. I’m having enormous fun.

    I put up a small excerpt for anyone who’s interested. (Remember, it’s first draft and will almost certainly change before publication.)

  8. Strange. I never have problems commenting on Blogger posts, and I don’t have any problems getting my photos where I want them on my blog, either (I use the HTML setting for posts and shove the code around, and I stick stubbornly to some old template I’ve developed from one Blogger offers, with no widgets and other jingly bells – maybe that does the trick).

    I have several thousand photos on my blog plus I do a lot of crosslinking between my posts, so a move to WordPress wouldn’t be an option anyway.

  9. I’m about to move / migrate my Blogger content over to WordPress partly for just this reason. Some followers would experience trouble leaving comments. Plus, the lack of threaded comments and email replies in Blogger has been something that’s bugged me for over a year now. I held off for trying JS-Kit Echo (paid) comment system, but that system/support became unreliable as of late (perhaps due to Blogger itself… I’m not sure), and even that system had a problem with IE6 users. Yes, users shouldn’t be using IE6, but many in business have systems locked down and haven’t move off of it (as a friend who wants to comment let me know because he couldn’t from his job for that reason). Still, the more I played with my initial WP blog, its admin tools seemed just more refined, even the basic non-self hosted variety (my opinion).

    And Blogger’s post editor is just okay — it’s better if you’re comfortable with HTML, though. But I know other Blogger users (and me) who’ve had it munge a piece they’ve worked on (though, it’s gotten better of late). It’s why I used Scribefire when composing a blog post. Still, ever so often the Scribefire service would break with Blogger’s image upload. They’d fix it, but it added to the editing process (and who knows if Scribefire or Blogger was at fault). And you are so right about the number of Blogger vs. WordPress pieces out there. Thanks for this.

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