There and back again…. Kalamazoo 2011 and Planning for 2012

Despite the silence here, I have indeed returned from Kalamazoo without mishap. It was a good congress, fairly laid back for me. I met some new people and went to a lot of really good sessions. I just sat back and listened this year; no notes, so I won’t be putting up reviews of the sessions. The Medica sessions that I made it to were all good and last I heard may be coming out in print sometime. I think my session went well. Some discussion afterward and no major complaints.

There is good news and bad news about the little research niche I’ve chosen, the first plague pandemic (aka “Plague of Justinian”). The good news is that no one else seems to be working in it, that is also the bad news. So none of the sessions I attended this year covered anything related to my topic. A couple mentioned the Black Death, but not really in ways that were very helpful.  I’ll be taking part in requesting a session for next year on early medieval medicine and we’ll see where it goes from there, fingers crossed. So now I need to think about what to propose for a paper for next year. It’ll be something on the first plague, maybe a different tack that this year for variety. I’m getting the itch to do something Irish.

I do have a couple posts at various stages of completion so hopefully I’ll have something more substantial for Heavenfield and Contagions soon.


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