Pixar’s Brave

Pixar – Disney is in production on a new animated film called Brave (formerly called the Bear and the Bow) set in medieval Scotland. I can’t really figure out much about the story. Here is the Wikipedia rundown. It is scheduled for the summer of 2012.


4 thoughts on “Pixar’s Brave

  1. Looks good. I don’t keep up with animated films but I think this one might hook me in. It’s Pixar’s first fairy tale, according to the Wikipedia entry, and ‘darker’ than their usual output. The Scottish scenery looks suitably atmospheric in the trailer, and the voice actors seem to be the right folk for the job.

  2. When Pixar bought Disney they apparently got Disney’s newest princess. Here is to hoping the whole goal isn’t catching the guy. Maybe Pixar will bring a little diversity to the endings of Disney movies. A wild red-haired princess surely won’t end up swooning over some big guy who saves her. Fingers crossed.

  3. The authentic Scottish actors include Kevin McKidd, but I’m so accustomed to hearing him do a US accent on Grey’s Anatomy I’ve forgotten what he sounds like in native mode. I probably need to watch Trainspotting again, just to refresh my memory.

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