Playing with Graphics for Blogs

Over the last few days I’ve been playing with some new iPhone apps that generate graphics that I think will be very useful for blogs or other creative projects. In lieu of having medieval content I thought I would share some of what I’ve learned about making graphics. I think some of these look appealing and add some creative input of your own to photos.

Paper Camera

So far my favorite ap is called Paper Camera (iPhone, Android).  It transforms either new photos taken through the ap  or existing photos into a variety of sketch or ink art forms. Lets start with a couple of graphics I made for some upcoming book reviews. These were both taken as photos through the app.

  This one just appeared in a book review on Contagions. Here the photo looks like some type of sketch. I’m not really sure what to call it but I like the look. My next non-fiction book review for Heavenfield is below. Taken the same way, but with more manipulation. The filters had a more difficult time with this cover. We’ll see what I can come up with for the actual review.

Paper Camera + Pic Stitch

Ok, now lets look at a series of pictures starting with the original photograph. Pic Stitch is a ap for creating collages. It is okay, too many ads for my taste but its free. I imagine there are lots of collage making apps out there. One of the advantages about doing a collage is that you can group multiple pictures together without having the coding headaches that you have probably noticed on WordPress and elsewhere. when you try to include pictures too close together.

The photo in the upper left quadrant is the unaltered photo. The other three are altered by paper camera:  (clockwise) comic boom filter, pastel perfect filter, and gotham nor filter. One of the things I’ve noticed is that some of these filters enhance stone work.


Another ap to add to the mix is halftone. This one takes images and turns them into newspaper comic cells. The halftone dot matrix is intentional to mimic newspaper print. You can add dialogue balloons and other comic style graphics, along with the captions highlighted here. These remind me a little of baseball cards.

There are countless photography apps out there than can make great graphics for blogs. Its worth spending some time exploring what is out there. I’m just getting started, how about you?


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  1. Unfortunately don’t have a smart phone OR a blog just yet….but I’m looking forward to trying out all these kinds of things when I DO get both of those. Time and money, money and time….sigh….
    PS I love the cartoon look!

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