An Anniversary Update

This week is the seventh anniversary of Heavenfield. The emphasis has changed a lot here over those seven years. I am still interested in seventh century Northumbria! I’m just taking the long way around to get back to it. I’ve spent most of the last year reading and writing on modern plague research for a project that will be released this coming fall. I’m ready to get back to the medieval North Atlantic! I’ve got a couple new projects in mind that you will probably see here eventually. In the meantime, I’m heading off to Kalamazoo tomorrow and I plan on tweeting the Congress this year, so watch the twitter feed for news.


4 thoughts on “An Anniversary Update

  1. Well, I still hope to get to the Congress and Kalamazoo one of these fine days! Meanwhile, I live vicariously through tweets and blog posts about same. Have a great time. Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

  2. i love Heavenfield. I am very interested in the 7th C especially as regards the West Country. That is Somerset , Devon and Cornwall at that period. I should like to find out more about Danish settlements at that time on the coast of South Wales and North Somerset. Thanks to Michelle Ziegler for her blogs.

  3. I live about 20 miles from Heavenfield, and I love your blog. Please keep your posts coming!!

  4. Congratulations Michelle on your 7th anniversary of blogging and long may it continue!
    I first came across your work on early issues of The Heroic Age (Issue 9 was the best obviously) and look forward to your return to Dark Age Northumbria.
    Best wishes

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