The Realm of Humbria

Humbria is a hypothetical proto-over-kingdom in the extreme. The area discussed under the term Humbria seems to be the region around the Humber River, not surprisingly. This region includes the kingdoms of Deira, Elmet, Lindsey, and proto-Mercia. In effect, references to Humbria suggest that it was the core of Deira's hegemony. While Edwin had extended... Continue Reading →

Person of the Week: Abbess Æthelhild

Abbess Æthelhild ruled over a monastery in Lindsey near Bardney. Bede tells us all we know of her, and he doesn't name her house. She was abbess of her monastery during the lifetime of Queen Osthryth who died in 697 and that she was still living in when he wrote his History in c. 731.... Continue Reading →

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