LKM: Bernicia/Bryneich

Bernicia or Bryneich? We know that the name of the kingdom was British and their name for it was Bryneich. No one has put forth a compelling translation for Bryneich. It appears to have been the southern part of Votandini (Gododdin) territory under the Romans, although it may have been independent then just without its... Continue Reading →

LKM: Deira

Its not too difficult to do little known kingdoms. Its possible to seem comprehensive when you don't have a lot of information. I could keep to those practically forgotten kingdoms, but I think a regional approach is more fair. So there is no dancing around it, Deira is one of the two giants of the... Continue Reading →

Royal Cemetery on a Tees Headland

~Sceopellen~ recently found a news report of a new 'royal' Anglo-Saxon cemetery found in Teesside (Tees Valley) of Old Northumbria. Initial dates claim it to be mid-seventh century. Here is the full newspaper article: "A real gem of a find"and from the BBC at "Dramatic ancient cemetery found". The site is said to be near... Continue Reading →

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