Itinerant kings, royal estates and monasteries

The other day I was reading a news article on the movements of itinerant kings among their royal estates and more surprisingly royal farmsteads and it got me thinking. Basically what they were saying is that early medieval kings moved around their kingdom from one royal estate to another, and used these estates and farms... Continue Reading →

LKM: Bernicia/Bryneich

Bernicia or Bryneich? We know that the name of the kingdom was British and their name for it was Bryneich. No one has put forth a compelling translation for Bryneich. It appears to have been the southern part of Votandini (Gododdin) territory under the Romans, although it may have been independent then just without its... Continue Reading →

St Andrew’s Appeal

St Andrew's appeal in Britain is one of those stories of meandering coincidences that are common in development of the veneration of saints. After all, Andrew is mainly venerated in the East. His missionary work occurred in Asia Minor where he was martyred. He is the patron saint of Greece, Russia, Sicily, Romania, Malta, Prussia,... Continue Reading →

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