Adomnan, Cuthbert, and King Aldfrith

I was really looking forward to Barbara Yorke's paper "Adomnan at the court of King Aldfrith" from the Adomnan conference published in Adomnan of Iona: Theologian, Lawmaker, Peacemaker. I have a couple of her books and I've learned a lot from her. Unfortunately there are a few things in her chapter that I don't think... Continue Reading →

Fostering Princes on Iona

A while back I mentioned that Michael Lapidge has placed Aldhelm on Iona, making him the second Anglo-Saxon prince to study there. This has made me wonder if Iona wasn't running a school for princes and other nobles. There is one other possible example. Stephan of Ripon seems to indicate in his Life of Bishop... Continue Reading →

Aldfrith, Aldhelm, and Adomnan

Continuing my report on Barbara Yorke's 2009 Jarrow lecture, she spent quite a bit of time on the relationship between Aldfrith and two of his good friends, Adomman and Aldhelm. How remarkable that this half-Irish, half Northumbrian prince had such close contact with two of the greatest scholars of his time. Yorke notes that both... Continue Reading →

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