Emperor Justinian and the British Kings, c. 540

Roman historian┬áProcopius had a lot to complain about in his Secret History. Its pretty easy to say that he did a hatchet job on his bosses, Emperor Justinian and General Belisauris. Procopius was the Late Antique equivalent of a severely conservative 'think tank' founder, you know the type that queue up to appear on talk... Continue Reading →

FB: Tintagel

Tintagel is one of the most impressive fortress sites in Britain. It takes the Celtic headland fortress to its fullest extent, perhaps even too far. Its inaccessibility would have been a problem for those actually living there. Pearched out upon the sea it would have had a commanding view of the sea but it would... Continue Reading →

Constantine and Gerontius in Britain

Quote from Clarkson's The Picts: A History (2008): "Constantine reigned for more than thirty years [in Pictland] until his death in 820. He bore an unusual name which was especially rare within the northern context. Its use among royal families had previously been confined to Dumnonia, a territory encompassing modern Devon and Cornwall. After the... Continue Reading →

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