LKM: Cumbria-Galloway (Solway Firth)

Post-Roman Cumbria and Galloway The region of Cumbria and Galloway was the active zone for the 'Men of the North', famous in British poetry.  Many of the 'Men of the North' appear to have been located in old Roman ruins along Hadrian's Wall. All of the 'Men of the North', including the dynasty of Rheged,... Continue Reading →

PW: Rhun ap Urien of Rheged

Rhun (Rum) ap Urien figures prominently in the Historia Brittonum, where he is mentioned three times. This suggests that he or his court may have supplied a source text for the Historia Brittonum. If Rheged was successfully integrated into Northumbria with its British aristocrasy or at least clerics largely intact, it is possible that Rheged... Continue Reading →

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