Apostate Picts

I was thinking about early references to baptisms in the British Isles which led me to Patrick's Letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus. As far as I can recall, Patrick's letter is the earliest reference to baptism (yes / no?). Patrick's letter is written to a Christian society in Britain, and he further claims that... Continue Reading →

FF: St Mungo and Merlin

I was listening* to Harry Potter recently and letting my mind wonder about where the story could go from its ending. So St Mungo's hospital crept into these imaginations and it occurred to me how aptly named St Mungo's is because you see in legend St Mungo treated Merlin's madness. Perhaps I should back up... Continue Reading →

LKM: Gododdin

This month's lost kingdom is Gododdin in southern Scotland (early medieval northern Northumbria). This post just gets longer and longer and still seems incomplete, so hopefully it will do to give you a flavor of this lost kingdom. Gododdin is the one British kingdom that appears to have been conquered and annexed into Bernicia/Northumbria under... Continue Reading →

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