Plague Tales: Willibrord’s relic

I thought I would celebrate the feast day with a plague story related to King Oswald of Northumbria who died on this day, August 5, 642. For those of you not familiar with King Oswald his reign is flanked by two remarkable events. His reign began effectively on the eve of battle in a battle... Continue Reading →

St Oswald Hagiography & Literature

This post is a run down of existing hagiography and literature on St Oswald. I'm really concerned here more with literature than history. The works listed on the indented bullet under each work lists the known sources or influences in that work. I may also list a few key translations or secondary works on these... Continue Reading →

Verse Hagiography

I've been thinking about devotional materials a lot lately. The history of devotional practices doesn't seem to be very well explored for the early medieval period. There is devotional material to study but it is largely overlooked. Verse hagiography is considered for devotional purposes, while prose hagiography is for historical or liturgical purposes. Sometimes these... Continue Reading →

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