Oswiu’s Bad Luck

I've been reading Marilyn Dunn's The Christianization of the Anglo-Saxons and just thinking about King Oswiu's bad luck after the Synod of Whitby. He is celebrated by Bede and the Church of England ever after for choosing to accept the authority of Rome over the independent tradition of Iona, the mother house of the Irish... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Adomnan and Fínsnechta the Generous, King of Brega

Fínsnechta was King of Mag Breg for 20 years (675-695)  including when the Northumbrians raided Brega in 684 and Adomnan later redeemed the hostages. Fínsnechta and his son were assassinated in 695. A Bóroma is apparently a type of tribute, probably cattle tribute. I have to wonder why Adomnan cared about Finsnechta's cattle tribute unless... Continue Reading →

Adomnan, Cuthbert, and King Aldfrith

I was really looking forward to Barbara Yorke's paper "Adomnan at the court of King Aldfrith" from the Adomnan conference published in Adomnan of Iona: Theologian, Lawmaker, Peacemaker. I have a couple of her books and I've learned a lot from her. Unfortunately there are a few things in her chapter that I don't think... Continue Reading →

Plague texts from Late Antique Britain

Plague in Late Antique Britain is one of the few topics that has not yet been well studied. Assembling the plague texts for the Plague of Justinian from Anglo-Saxon England and neighboring kingdoms is the best place to start. All of the following at least mention the plague: Adomnan, Life of Columba, c. 700 Anon.... Continue Reading →

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