Phoning in on St Columba

I'll admit this post is primarily to test out the wordpress ap on the new iPhone. So far it's slow (my fault not being used to these 'keys') and hard to edit. The real bit of medieval news I heard today is that a Jeremy Irons has signed on to play Columba in a major... Continue Reading →

The 300 (or 303)

When you think of 'the 300' you probably think of the recent movie on the famous Spartan-Persian battle of antiquity. Considered by historians all around as a pivotal battle in antiquity, the number 300 either spawned a legend that spread all the way to the British Isles or was such a common symbolic number that... Continue Reading →

Adomnan of Iona Bibliography

An updated bibliography from my old website. There will be a permanent link on the Adomnan page in the left margin of Heavenfield. Primary Sources Sharpe, Richard. Editor and translator. (1995)Adomnan of Iona: Life of St. Columba. Penguin. Anderson, A.O. and Anderson, M.O. ed. and trans., Revised by M.O. Anderson. (1991) Adomnan's Life of Columba... Continue Reading →

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