Oswine the Anti-Hero

(A post from the archive on the anniversary of King Oswine's death.) King Oswine of Deira (Yorkshire) 20 August 651 Today is the anniversary of the execution of King Oswine of Deira, considered by some to be a saint. All we know of Oswine is included in Bede's History (Book III:14). Bede writes a curious... Continue Reading →

FB: Din-Guaïroï /Bebbanburg/Bamburgh

You knew I couldn't wait too long to do Bamburgh. 🙂 Thanks to Bernard Cromwell it may be the best known Anglo-Saxon fortress site in England today anyway. Din-Guaïroï Din Guaïroï is the name given to Bamburgh in the Historia Brittonum, which then later tells us that it was renamed Bebbanburgh for Æthelfrith's queen. The... Continue Reading →

PW: Bishop Trumhere of Mercia, Middle Anglia & Lindsey

Trumhere is an interesting fellow and another glimpse into King Oswine's church. Trumhere first appears on the scene in the days following Oswine's death in August 651 when King Oswiu founds the monastery of Gilling to pray for both kings. Bede describes Trumhere as a close kinsman of King Oswine who was made abbot over... Continue Reading →

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