Clashing models: Latin-Mediterranean vs Celtic

Another topic in William Trent Foley's article "Imitatio Apostoli: St Wilfrid of York and the Andrew Script" (1989, Am Benedictine Rev) that I found very interesting is his discussion of Cuthbert and Wilfrid following different and indeed clashing life scripts. "The difference between Aidan and Cuthbert, on the one hand, and Wilfrid on the other... Continue Reading →

St Hild: The Martha of the Anglo-Saxon England

This past weekend is the feast day of St. Hild of Whitby. According to Bede, she died on 17 November 680 and her feast is celebrated in the Episcopal Church on November 18th and in the Church of England on November 19th. Hild's return to Northumbria from East Anglia in 646 was one of the... Continue Reading →

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