Herefrith of Lindisfarne

Some of the most important additions to Bede's Prose Life of Cuthbert came from Herefrith, a former abbot of Lindisfarne. I think its worth exploring what Bede tells us about Herefrith in  the Life of Cuthbert and what we can deduce. When Bede first introduces material from Herefrith in the plague of Melrose chapter [Ch... Continue Reading →

Iurminburgh’s Warning

Still working on Bede's Life of Cuthbert --  I've been thinking about  Cuthbert's prediction on Ecgfrith's last campaign, and I find myself wondering about his warning to Queen Iurminburgh. "But he immediately said to the queen, and secretly addressing her, it being Saturday, said: "See that you mount your chariot early on Monday -- for... Continue Reading →

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