Iurminburgh’s Warning

Still working on Bede's Life of Cuthbert --  I've been thinking about  Cuthbert's prediction on Ecgfrith's last campaign, and I find myself wondering about his warning to Queen Iurminburgh. "But he immediately said to the queen, and secretly addressing her, it being Saturday, said: "See that you mount your chariot early on Monday -- for... Continue Reading →

Confirming Queen Eadgyth

Six months ago I wrote about the discovery of the remains of Queen Eadgyth of Germany, half-sister of King Æthelstan of England and grand-daughter of Alfred the Great in Magdeburg Cathedral. Eadgyth was the first wife of Otto I of Saxony, later after her death he became the first German Holy Roman Emperor. Through her... Continue Reading →

Hello Eadgyth!

Earlier this week an Anglo-Saxon princess, Eadgyth, made a splash in the news. Her grave and body had been found in a German Cathedral. As the granddaughter of Alfred the Great, and half-sister of Æthelstan, first recognized king of the English, she has got the interest of historians and archaeologists in England. Being of interest... Continue Reading →

Maternal Naming Among the Picts

I was reading in Tim Clarkson's The Picts: A History today. Clarkson was discussing how the Pictish kings have a very small number of names, even though they all have different fathers and are from apparently different patrilinear families. Clarkson supports the traditional matrilinear succession. He discusses various ideas about why there is such a... Continue Reading →

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