PW: Queen Cynewise of Mercia

Queen Cynewise is one of the few early Mercian queens that we have any information on at all. The only direct mention of her name is after Penda's fall when Bede notes that Ecgfrith was not at the battle of Winwaed because he was a hostage in the care of Queen Cynewise (HE III.24). He... Continue Reading →

St Geretrud and the Irish

I've been browsing through Paul Foracre and Richard Gerberding's Late Merovingian France: History and Hagiography 640-720 (Manchester, 1996) this Easter break and I came across a curious account in the Life of St Geretrud. Geretrud was the daughter of Peppin I and his wife Itta, born in about 621, and the first solidly saintly ancestor... Continue Reading →

Columba’s Marriage Advice

In Adomnan's Life of Columba he relates a curious episode that seems to be pointed directly at Northumbria (from the Medieval Sourcebook, Ch XLII): "Of one Lugne, surnamed Tudida, a Pilot, who lived on the Rechrean island (either Rathlin or Lambay), and whom, as being deformed, his wife hated. ANOTHER time, when the saint was... Continue Reading →

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