Heavenfield, Hefenfeld, and Caelestis Campus

Not the cross at Heavenfield! A little while ago Tim Clarkson of Senchus brought an Andrew Breeze paper  about the history and derivation of the name Hefenfeld*, the Old English version of Heavenfield, to my attention. Its taken me a while to get to it but here is what I think. It is clear to... Continue Reading →

Heavenfield Round-up 1: Long Live the King (in the Blogosphere)

I tried for a while to do round-ups on my history of medicine blog that included medieval links, but I'm back to thinking that they need to be separate. Putting King Arthur and Norwalk Virus in the same round-up just seems wrong. Not all of my readers have as diverse taste in blogs as I... Continue Reading →

Constantine and Gerontius in Britain

Quote from Clarkson's The Picts: A History (2008): "Constantine reigned for more than thirty years [in Pictland] until his death in 820. He bore an unusual name which was especially rare within the northern context. Its use among royal families had previously been confined to Dumnonia, a territory encompassing modern Devon and Cornwall. After the... Continue Reading →

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