Brendan the Voyager

Voyage of Brendan

Caspar Plautinus

Nova Typis Transacta Navigatio: Nova Orbis India Occidentalis, 1621

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This is one of my favorite depictions of Brendan’s voyage. Note that not only has Brendan set up a full altar on the back of the whale, where his ship is actually beached but they are also off the coast of Africa and Spain (Hispania). All but two of Brendan’s followers on the whale are dressed like a Spanish explorers, and those look like colonial era galley’s they are sailing in. The uses that the legends of Brendan and of Madoc were put to in European claims to North and South America are fascinating.

For now this page will be used as an index to collect material related to Brendan the voyager, and maybe eventually Madoc.

Navigatio sancti Brendani abbatis (Voyage of St. Brendan the Abbot) at Jonathan Wooding’s Celtic Christianity E-Library.

St. Brendan the Voyager


brendanThe Church Year in the Navigato

Vernacular Translation of the Legends of St Brendan

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