Wilfrid of Ripon

Wilfrid, Apostle to the South Saxons

Bishop of York (Northumbria) 669-678, 686/7-692 and Hexham 705-709

Bishop of Selsey (Sussex) 681-c. 686?

Evangelist of South Saxons and Isle of Wight

Abbot of Ripon c660-709

Over the years that I have been studying the seventh century, Bishop Wilfrid of Ripon is one of a few figures who has managed to keep my attention and interest. Although it may not always be obvious, I have begun to feel a great deal of sympathy or understanding for Wilfrid. This doesn’t mean that I won’t be critical of Stephan’s Life of Wilfrid; quite the contrary, understanding Stephen’s agenda and symbolism is vital to seeing the historical Wilfrid beneath the rhetoric. This page will collect information about Wilfrid and as an index for posts. The photo above is from Chichester Cathedral posted at various places around the internet.

Wilfrid’s Epitaph from Ripon

Here lies great Wilfrid’s bones. In loving zeal he built this church, and gave it Peter’s name, who bears the keys by gift of Christ the King; clothed in gold and purple, and set high in gleaming ore the trophy of the cross; golden Gospels four he made for it, lodged in a shrine of gold, as is their due. To the high Paschal feast its order just he gave, by doctrine true and catholic, as our forefathers held; drove error far, and showed his folk sound law and liturgy. Within these walls a swarm of monks he hived, and in their statues carefully laid down all the Fathers by their rule command. At home, abroad, long time in tempests tossed, thrice fifteen years he bare a bishop’s charge, passed to rest, and gained the joys of heaven. Grant, Lord, his flock may tread their shepherd’s path! (Bede, Ecclesisatical History of the English People, McClure and Collins, eds. Oxford UP, 1994: p. 274)

Wilfrid of Ripon

Stephan of Ripon’s Life of Wilfrid

Wilfrid’s Associates

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