Three British Chieftains of Bernicia and Deira

I was browsing through Rachel Bromwich's Triodd Ynys Prydein (The Welsh Triads) today and I came across the triad of the Three Chieftains of "Deiuyr a Brennych", Deira and Bernicia, that reminds me of some of the usual nearly lost material among the 'Men of the North' lore.  The variant triad 10W combines it with... Continue Reading →

FF: St Mungo and Merlin

I was listening* to Harry Potter recently and letting my mind wonder about where the story could go from its ending. So St Mungo's hospital crept into these imaginations and it occurred to me how aptly named St Mungo's is because you see in legend St Mungo treated Merlin's madness. Perhaps I should back up... Continue Reading →

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