Adomnan of Iona

Madonna and Child, Book of Kells

“To Adamnan of Iona, whose troop is radiant, noble Jesus has granted the lasting liberation of women of the Gaels.”

Marytrology of Oengus the Culdee (9th century)


“Adamnan, abbot of Iona, reposed, in the seventy-seventh year of his age, on the nineth day before the Kalends of October.” Annals of Tigernach, 704


“The death of Fland Fina, Oswiu’s son, king of Saxons, the renowned scholar and pupil of Adamnan” (705) Duald Mac-Firbis (fragment copies of the Annals of Ireland)

Adomnan is also known as Adamnan and Eunan.

In later times Iona was known as the community of St Columba and Adomnan. He is joint patron of the diocese of Raphoe, Ireland with St Columba. The cathedral, St Eunan’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, is named for Adomnan. In the Anglican Communion there is a united diocese of Derry and Raphoe; the cathedral Anglican diocese of Raphoe is the Cathedral Church of St Eunan and there is a second Cathedral Church of St. Columb in Derry.

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